Corporate Philosophy

The Fashion of Writing

With its design-oriented writing utensils for students, young people and for those young at heart, ONLINE has become a trendsetter in the industry. A coherent approach, a targeted positioning, and a clear market strategy are a few of its success factors.

The company was established in 1991 by Thomas and Alexandra Batsch with clearly defined goals:

Within a few years Thomas and Alexandra Batsch were able to establish themselves successfully on the market with an independent writing utensils collection. Both know that this would have never been possible without a motivated team of employees. 100 employees are working presently at the modern corporate building in Neumarkt.

Young.Line Collection

Once a year ONLINE designs the new "Young.Line Collection," manufactured in German, for all students. A constant high level of quality and lasting durability are the signature of the collection. Always trendy, always oriented towards the current lifestyle, this way ONLINE brings more fun and individuality into the classroom.

All writing instruments of the Young.Line Collection are produced in process-reliable production processes. For the completion of ONLINE products there is despite the latest technology much manual work on site necessary. So ONLINE guarantees consistently high quality and secures jobs in Germany.

Top.Line Collection

Since 2006 ONLINE is also presenting the "Top.Line Collection" for all design-oriented adults, regardless of age. A symbiosis of unique design and uninterrupted innovation - passionate and consequent. ONLINE places a lot of value and care in the high-quality craftsmanship of all writing utensils with a special love of detail for an extraordinary product. And last, but not least: fine packaging turns each writing utensil into a fancy, sophisticated life-style gift.


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