ONLINE supports financially disadvantaged families

"Aktion Schultüte" is entering next stage

The first day of school is an exciting experience for all kids. However sometimes parents can''t give their children a bulging school bag, because the financial resources are missing. For such cases, the initiative "Aktion Schultüte" was launched.

ONLINE joins as a partner of the campaign and offers children of disadvantaged families an equal school start.

ONLINE donates fountain pens, pencils, exercise books, pencil cases and many more helpful materials for school beginners.

For more than 10 years, the "Aktion Schultüte" helps financially disadvantaged families and organizes fundraising campaigns. At selected locations in the city of Neumarkt collection boxes are available for all large and small donations. The ongoing campaign benefits around 110 school beginners.

16.08.2018 15:18
Category: Organisation