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Set 3-in-1 Touchpen


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3-in-1 Multi Touch Pen, the latest generation of multi-function pens, with quality stylus tip for writing, sketching and typing on smartphones and tablet PCs. Upend the pen to use the 2-color ballpen made of metal and featuring a D1 standard refill containing red and blue ink, immediately ready for whatever use you plan. Packed together with its genuine leather case in the Online Box, the 3 in 1 Multi Touch Pen is the perfect gift for modern users in this digital age.
Product number: 80042
EAN: 4014421800428
Design: Black
Writing Position: Rechts- und Linkshänder
Stylus Tip for 3-in-1 Multi Touch Pen
incl. 19% tax., excl. shipping cost
Set D1-Short Refill
incl. 19% tax., excl. shipping cost
Leather Case Black
incl. 19% tax., excl. shipping cost