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Winter-Wallpaper by @olivesandletters

Download your winter wallpaper from Olivia Schweizer (@olivesandletters) for desktop and smartphone here.

You can download your wallpaper directly here

About Olivia Schweizer

You probably already know Olivia's beautiful Instagram profile  @olivesandletters which is full of inspiration. She has been active on the platform for about two years and inspires creative souls with her works.

Professionally, Olivia is actually a marketing manager in a software company in Tübingen. In addition to her full-time job, she is now also partially self-employed, one could say an "after-work letter". She practically came across handlettering through a colleague: Olivia wrote on a chalkboard for a company event. This colleague then told her at the event that he had always wanted to try handlettering. Until then, Olivia didn't even know the term "handlettering".

Some people still experience the same thing Olivia did in the past. „It’s similar to calligraphy“, Olivia sometimes explains when she doesn’t feel like going into detail.
Her grandma often asks: "How is your writing going?" - A nice description!
And then there is Olivia's absolute "handlettering" highlight:
Her boyfriend was once asked: "Your girlfriend does this hard leathering, right?" ... Well, we don't even want to know what this person imagined harmless handlettering to be😂.

One of Olivia's hobbies is so-called "Chalk Lettering" which is like handlettering with chalk markers on chalk boards. You can also buy her Chalk Lettering Guide via the link in Olivia's Instagram profile.
But Olivia is obviously capable of more than just chalk and board. She can also create magnificent pieces with our Calli.Brush Pens, such as our "warm & cozy" winter wallpaper that you can download from this page.

Olivia used the following products for the wallpaper:

Calli.Brush Pens
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Combi Ink Cartridge 2 pcs
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Black Lettering Set 5 pens
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Download your wallpaper here

You can download Olivia Schweizer's winter wallpaper in two versions here: