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30th birthday of ONLINE

How ONLINE got its name...

The term "ONLINE" has become part of our day-to-day language – that was not always the case. When Alexandra and Thomas Batsch established their company "ONLINE Schreibgeräte" in 1991 they could not forsee how that term would change through the years due to the boom in computers and online banking.

In 1991 the founders have been looking for a fitting name. “ONLINE” it should be – thus this was the most modern existing back then, being connect to a computing center and being “online”. In the founding year computers and internet haven’t been common in Germany. The name should express a relation between being up-to-date and traditional writing. As the word contains “line” the name seemed perfect.

„Although the word „online“ completely changed its meaning in the last 20 years, we’re of course keeping it”, so founder and CEO Thomas Batsch. The Name including complete corporate identity with its logo is well known among the target group of youths and stands for design and innovation – made in Germany.

Milestones in the company´s history



In July 1991 the establishment of ONLINE Schreibgeräte GmbH was the beginning of a success story made in Germany.

At the following Paperworld in January 1992, the youth brand presented itself to the writing implements (manufacturers) industry for the first time with ist own booth. .

1st Collection


The successful start in the industry was of course linked to the first collection and the corresponding catalog. The 1st ONLINE collection was all about environmental protection and included cartridge fillers with piston holders, ink erasers and cardboard gift sets. And everything in the unmistakable colourful and varied designs

1st Shop-in-Shop system


In 1994 Alexandra and Thomas Batsch developed their first shop-in-shop system – the „ONLINE Tower“ with a yellow flag. This shop-in-shop system revolutionized sales technology in retail and offered a new way of competently presenting the wealth of innovation and creativity related to writing at the PoS.



Small but mighty! The „cuddly“ Piccolo, as a mini ballpoint pen or fountain pen, quickly became a bestseller. It is still available today in many different colours and designs.

Best Writer


With the introduction of the Best Writer, a new ONLINE classic came onto the market. The calligraphy fountain pen is available then as now in three different nib sizes and many different designs. The ONLINE Best Writer turns every writer into a little artist and is ideal for writing greeting cards or letters.



ONLINE Schreibgeräte also got a new company headquarters this year. From Berngau near Neumarkt they went straight to the large district town of Neumarkt – at Moosweg 8. This is where the globally expanding company gradually created more office space for administration, marketing, purchasing, export and larger production, storage and shipping areas.

Starter Fountain pen


In 2002 the starter found ist way into the classroom. „Learn to write beautifully easily“ was the motto of the new „best school friend“. Thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle – ideal for children´s hands -, the roll-away stop and the robust plastic shaft, the starter soon became a tried and tested fountain pen for learning to write.

Rabazzi Collection points


The Rabazzi campaign, introcuced in 2002, has meanwhile become the most successful marketing compaign on ONLINE. The cheerful and cheeky Rabazzi invited for the first time to collect fun and lured with great student surprise packages. Simply collect points, send them in and receive surprise packages. 

Paper series


In addition to the college fountain pen, ONLINE launched paper series for the first time in 2003. From now on there were ring binders, sharpeners, pencils and much more to match the respective writing instrument. The paper series „Jeans“ and „Wild&Free“ made the start.

Topline Collection


Out of the passion for beautiful writing, the idea arose to offer writing implements for adults of all ages in addition to schoolchildren´s writing implements. From this, in 2006 – in addition to the existing Young.Line collection – another one, the Top.Line collection, emerged. With the motto „passionate and consistent“, the high-quality writing implements of the Top.Line collection represent a symbiosis of unique design and unbroken innovation.

Expansion of the company building


In order to present ONLINE products perfectly in the company setting when customers visit Neumarkt as well, the building is extended and an in-house showroom is set up.



The newly launched Vision product line becomes a hit at the tills and forms a link between the Young.Line and Top.Line collections. The unique, but simple design of Vision still manages to appeal to all age groups equally and to impress them even today.

ONLINE Schreibgeräte GmbH in Neumarkt, Firmengebäude

New logistics system


In 2011 the company was able to put a new logistics system into operation. A highly modern, automatic small parts warehouse immediately ensures that every order is picked without error and within the shortest time from the computerised high bay warehouse and despatched.

Stylus Pen


In 2012 ONLINE also pioneered a completely different trend: writing implements with a stylus function. ONLINE already presented its stylus pens for operating smartphones and tablet PCs at Paperworld 2012. ONLINE recognized this trend early on and expanded it with additional product lines, colours and designs. True to   the motto „Ingeniously digital“.



Digitalisation arrives also in the classroom. No problem with SWITCH – whether writing on paper or a tablet, the high-quality fountain pen with a stylus tip is always perfectly suitable. In parallel, ONLINE develops an app for learning to write which uses digital writing exercises.

Newly built logistics center


ONLINE celebrates its 25th anniversary with the slogan “25 years magic in writing”. Totally in keeping with modern design vocabulary, the successful College and Campus models are relaunched. As well as the product range, the depth of production grows simultaneously thanks to the newly built logistics set up at the Neumarkt site.

Calli.Brush Pen


Great variety of colours for a lot of fun and infinite possibilities for creative writing and designing. With two different tips and 24 trendy colours. Let your creativity run wild! The Calli.Brush enriches the ONLINE range.

2nd LIFE Produkte


With the 2nd LIFE product line, discarded PET plastic is used to create new products. From ball pens to bullet journals, ONLINE contributes to the sustainable use of raw materials.